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I do this to create art. Timeless pieces that evoke dreamlike, fairytale magic. My work has a mood, it has a feeling and I work hard to portray this. Some of my images have purposeful movement and blur, because I want to capture the emotion of the time rather than an exact crisp replica. You know those beautiful memories, where the edges have haze and its become a bit of a blur, but it always evokes that same feeling for you, that is what I capture so you can have it in a physical piece of art.

It is incredibly important to me that you are able to go ahead and we capture these fleeting moments, I strongly feel that you will never regret doing this, but I know I have regrets about not documenting some of the times of my own life. For this reason, I am always happy to organise payment plans. It is something most of my customers go ahead and utilise, so please please do ask me and we will work it out together.

My sessions all include the following:

  • an online digital gallery for you to choose your images

  • a set number of high res digital images with the option to upgrade to the full gallery

  • the option to purchase prints

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