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Becoming an Artist

I don't know about you, but for me, becoming a mother really changed me, made me think differently and pushed a lot to the forefront. For me this wasnt just motherhood alone, it was coupled with moving to a different country, leaving the safety of familiarity behind and finding a freedom in that. For the first time I wasn't someone people already knew, and this allowed me to explore who I really was, in a way I hadn't done before. It wasn't even a conscious decision, but looking back it has really formed who I am today.

Womanhood and Feminism

Motherhood gave me the desire to celebrate women, discovering myself made me realise the importance and need for feminism in the world as we currently know it. I feel like I could ramble and bore you silly, but hopefully my work speaks for itself, and I'm sure this is a conversation that I will come back to time and again.

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