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Copy of Hello, Welcome, Bonjour

Life has taken us on many new adventures recently. Covid has changed the world and many of our outlooks on life and what is important to us. For me personally our lives have been flipped upside down as we moved across the planet during the lockdowns, we left Australia and moved back to England. And with change comes new starts so here I am, blogging, hopefully about Art, Design and Craft with a good dose of feminism, fairytales, mythology, nature and the child-led home education that happens in our family.

So on that note, let me introduce myself.

I'm Lotti, a Suffolk based artist with a passion for capturing the stages of womanhood and love, I draw on my love of water, light, fairytales and mythology to influence my work. I find it impossible to stick to one form of media, I adore photography and videography, poetry, printing and illustration. My background is in textiles and I often have a project on the go, through the years it has been patchwork and quilting, embroidery, crochet, dressmaking and it is currently knitting.

My Family:

We are an art and book loving, dairy free, mostly gluten free, family of 5 humans, 2 dogs. We home educate, following a child led approach for my three incredible children. They are loud, confident, extroverted, incredible beings and I hope I can do them justice with the way we raise them. We will see how things unfold but I guess most of these things will appear here in this blog regularly.

In regards to me, I am a Sagittarius sun, cancer moon, scorpio rising. If you know about astrology this tells you a lot about me! I am impulsive, emotional, feel things strongly, imaginative, adventurous, spontaneous and highly creative with a strong interest in the mystic and spiritual.

I am not religious other than a belief in honouring Mother Nature, but I love learning about the Gods of old - Roman, Greek, Norse etc. I say gods, but I actually mean Goddesses.

My passion which in turn flows through to my art, is the celebration of women, the divine feminine and the need the world has to rebalance - by increasing feminine energy. Im excited to share more of this with you.

So if you are interested in:

  1. Art - my creations, inspiration, tutorials and projects to do with children

  2. Textiles - Knitting, embroidery, printing - projects and how to's

  3. Home Education - Our journey, musings, projects and tutorials

  4. The Kitchen - dairy free, gluten free and fermenting experiments and tried and tested recipes

Then do follow along, add comments, lets chat. I dream of this being a journey with friends

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